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Medan Television Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is for Medan Television. This policy applies to all persons who provide their personal information to Medan regardless of how their Personal Information is collected.

Should members have any queries regarding the security or integrity of your Personal Information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +27 10 020 6288 ,+27 61 84 86284 or at

Medan television respects your privacy and the importance of making sure that your Personal Information is stored and is used in a way that complies with local data privacy laws.


Copyright © is restricted any Medan TV videos cannot be used by any person or entity other than the creator outside the Medan Application.

How does Medan collect your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information could be collected through the followings interactions with Medan:
Directly through completing a sign up on the Medan website ; Telephonic interactions with Medan staff ; Electronic interactions (E-mail/messaging/social media) with the Medan Television staff.

What does Medan Television do with your Personal Information?

Medan Television uses your Personal Information to ensure that you are able to have a personal relationship with us and to ensure that Medan is able to provide appropriate support to you at whatever stage of your journey.

How do I access the Personal Information that Medan has about me as a member ?

Any Personal Information held by Medan can be accessed by sending a request for your personal information to .

Changes to this policy.
Changes may apply to this policy from time to time and you are advised to review this policy at least once annually.



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+01 00 206 288


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